Episode 16: Mark Thomas

9 September 2021


Chris sits down for a chat with Mark Thomas, the comedian, activist, writer, performer and political satirist, who has been performing comedy for over 35 years. Chris first came across Mark in his Channel 4 TV show, The Mark Thomas Product which merged stand up comedy with acts of activism, drawing attention to major, relevant issues of the time. Mark has performed at the National and in 4 continents and 10 countries, including  1 liberal synagogue, a squatted MP’s second home, on the roof of a multi-storey car park and outside a US military base.

Topics include: Mark’s interest in the link between culture and politics; how storytelling helps us make sense of the world; early childhood and the influence on his career; how comedians create safe spaces to laugh; the influence of Dave Allen and Victoria Wood; Mark’s politics and how it derives from Methodism; what it means to ‘belong’ and his experience of class; striking across the 21st century; improvising in the early stages of his career; how Mark views stand up within a wider lens of theatre and performance; ‘dying’ in his first ever stand up gig; investigating Nicholas Soames’ attempts to avoid inheritance tax.



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