Dating advice from Roald Dahl

Wed 14 Feb

Let George’s Marvellous Medicine inspire you this Valentine’s day...

Make a love potion for your unsuspecting crush, using the contents of your bathroom cupboard.

Pros: Anything valentine- related will be sure to sweeten them up.

Cons: You need a well-stocked cupboard to work miracles, and preferably pills for farm animals.

Originality: 3/10 - This is the oldest trick in the book
Risk Factor: 10/10 - You might send them through the roof (literally).
RD Rating: 10/10 - Inventiveness? Check. Dangerous result? Check. Great story? Check.

This is just an extract from the Roald Dahl website, to read some more dating advice, click here.


This blog post was kindly allowed to be replicated by the Roald Dahl Literary Estate

George's Marvellous Medicine will be at the Rose from Tue 27 Mar - Sun 8 Apr, to see more about the production, click here.

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