Five reasons not to miss Hogarth's Progress

Fri 07 Sep

Less than a week to go until we delve into 18th-century London with our brand new production. Here are some of the top reasons why you shouldn't miss out on seeing Hogarth's Progress...
1. The Olivier Awards liked it a lot...
The Art of Success is the first play in our double bill of comedies and is also the first major revival after being nominated for an Olivier Award back in 1987 when it was produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company. The world premiere of The Taste of the Town is the second play and picks up the Hogarth's story 30 years later. 
2. A visual feast!
This highly imaginative production boasts beautiful period costumes, spectacular video projections and choreographed movement to bring Hogarth's colourful world to life. 
3. Ever wondered what 18th-century London was like?
Here's your chance to discover it, from its glamour to its squalor, at a time when artists and writers were asking radical questions about the meaning and value of art and culture. William Hogarth, Henry Fielding, David Garrick... these are some of the most influential artistic giants in British history. Find out more about them here.
4. Phenomenal actors, if we do say so ourselves.
The plays feature a stellar ensemble cast led by Bryan Dick and Keith Allen as the younger and older William Hogarth. You might remember Keith from Marcella (ITV), Trainspotting and Eddie the Eagle. Bryan has starred in popular BBC series Wolf Hall and Bleak House.
5. It's funny and thought-provoking.
Hogarth's Progress focuses on two rambunctious pub crawls of epic proportions, as we journey with Hogarth - the Warhol of the 18th century - through art, sex, society and politics. 'Abounds in wit and vitality... a very funny play', as The Guardian described The Art of Success.

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