How to Talk Like a Pirate

Wed 09 Aug

To celebrate The Night Pirates docking with us from Wed 6 - Sat 16 Sep, we thought we'd get used to some classic pirate sayings...

Arrrr: Greeting, i.e. okay, hello, goodbye, etc.

Ahoy: Hey!

Avast: Stop!

Aye: Yes

Bunny grub: Vegetables

Grog: A pirate’s favourite rum drink

Hang the jib: To frown or pout

Jack: A flag or sailor

Landlubber: Someone who isn’t used to life on the high seas

Matey/Me hearty: A friend

Seadog: An experienced sailor

Scallywag: A bad person

Shiver me timbers: An exclamation of surprise

Yo-ho-ho: Laughter

To find out more about this much-loved adventure on the high seas, which will be at the Rose from Wed 6 - Sat 16 Sep, click here.

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