Meet Don Pedro's Clan

Tue 10 Apr

If you know Don Pedro you'll know that when you're in his clan, despite all the fuss and Much Ado About Nothing, you're family - but he's always the boss. 

He's in good spirits as he's just won the turf war down in the city and his entourage are recuperating at the Messina Hotel. They've not booked, but fawn Leonato will always make rooms available for Don Pedro. Meet the kingpin's 'men of honour' before they check in. 

Don Pedro - The Boss

Leonato may own the Messina Hotel but Don Pedro is its overlord and what he says goes. Leonato's luxurious hotel is his hiding place of choice after the nasty little turf war in the city - which he won, by the way. Others may hate him, others may want to be him, but he will always be the boss. 

Benedick - The Consigliere

Benedick is a good man to know. His wit, sharp eyes and charm make him the perfect wingman in the boardroom or yacht. No one can penetrate that confident facade - almost. He's about to come face-to-face with his ex, the no-nonsense Customer Experience Manager, Beatrice, and she knows all his tricks. 

Don John - The Brother

Have you not heard of Don John? The 'bastard' brother doesn't get much of a look in with Don Pedro running the clan. But he has plans of his own and revenge is a dish best served cold...

Claudio - The Protégé

Taut bruiser Claudio is new to the syndicate and learning how to be a 'man of honour'. Eager to please Don Pedro, he's grateful for the opportunity, but he better watch out, as not everyone in the family is as honourable as they appear and they want to use Claudio and his new love Hero for their own agendas.

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