Fri 08 Jun

We're delighted to announce our commitment to stop using single-use plastic within the venue as part of continued efforts to become a greener organisation.

We have already made a number of steps towards reducing single-use plastic within the venue. These include:

  • Replacing all single use plastic bottles with glass bottles.
  • Providing biodegradable, eco-friendly plastic cups with optional biodegradable plant-based covers.
  • Replacing all plastic packaging for sweets with biodegradable plant-based packaging.
  • Replacing all single-use plastic cutlery with biodegradable plant-based plastic.
  • Introduction of biodegradable straws and only giving these out upon request.

There are also plans to implement further schemes to eradicate single-use plastic in the venue and also with the aim to contribute toward changing staff and audiences’ day-to-day habits. This includes:

  • Selling eco-friendly coffee cups in the venue and the introduction of a money-off scheme when using reusable containers for hot drinks.
  • Encouraging all staff to drink from reusable mugs and water bottles and refrain from using plastic bags.

‘Anyone who has seen the last series of Blue Planet has now realised the shocking impact of plastic in our oceans. The Rose is committed to reducing its contribution and aims to be an organisation that leads in confronting the issue of plastic pollution.’ Robert O'Dowd, Chief Executive

Follow our efforts to become greener by following us on Twitter @Rosetheatre with the hashtag #RoseGoesGreen. 

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