Rules For Christmas

Tue 07 Nov

Christmas is a wonderful time of year to see family and loved ones – or too much of them, as our upcoming Christmas comedy for adults Rules For Living perfectly demonstrates. Here are some tried and tested mechanisms for coping with your relations at the most festive time of year.

1. Bring a friend – Someone new can help keep everyone on their best behaviour. Just make sure it’s not someone who will be easily embarrassed if it all backfires and no one bothers with pleasantries after a drink or two.

2. Practise the 'what a lovely gift' face – Most families have them – someone who never quite gets the presents right. Nailing down the perfect grateful expression before the festivities begin can really help in any awkward gift-receiving situation. Perfect your 'pleasantly surprised' smile in the mirror for when you say thank you, and then when the time comes recycle the offending article to a more appreciative friend.

3. Have a buddy system – Have a friend you can call or text when you feel like you’re about to explode! Their job is NOT to agree with you as that will just rile you up and make the situation worse. They just need to demonstrate compassion in order to keep you mellow. That way, you can find compassion for whatever or whoever was riling you up in the first place.

4. Indulge in too much Christmas pudding – Or decadent dessert of choice. After all, it’s Christmas! And you can't say anything inappropriate in a fit of exasperation if your mouth is filled with figgy pudding.

5. Pretend they’re not your family – Maybe imagine they’re a family on the television, and nothing to do with you. A degree of detachment might make the proceedings more bearable – even amusing, and definitely less stressful. So relax, and let it all wash over you until the New Year, when it’s back to reality and you’ll wish you were back with your family at Christmas. 

To experience a Christmas crazier than most, catch Rules For Living from Tue 7-Sat 18 Nov. For more information click here.

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