Rules of Bedlam

Mon 16 Oct

In Rules for Living, the family have a tradition of someone bringing a new game along to play each Christmas. 

This year, Matthew has brought the card game Bedlam. Here is a brief insight into the rules of the game.

Bedlam is a card-shedding party game with ever-changing rules. The object of the game is to be the first player out by successfully discarding all your cards.

  • Players are dealt a hand of cards at the beginning of the game (usually five red-backed Game Cards and one white-backed Rule Card).
  • The remaining Game Card deck is placed in the middle of the table and the top card is turned and placed face up next to the deck.
  • If they are able, each player in turn does one of the following:
  1. Discards a Game Card onto the pile of either the same colour or face value.
  2. Discards a Bedlam Card, which means all the Rule Cards are changed.
  3. Draws a new Game Card from the pack, and either plays or says ‘Pass’.

Sounds simple? This is where the Rule Cards come in…

  • Each player must try and enforce the rule given on their own Rule Card (which the others can’t see), and the shared rule, on other players, by issuing penalty cards to players who do not abide by them. (For example a rule might be that when playing a red card, players must say ‘better red than dead!’)

The first player to get rid of all their cards is the winner.

You can see the game in action within Rules for Living at the Rose from Tue 7 - Sat 18 Nov. Click here for more info.

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