Screenings at 7

Rose Theatre and Rose Participate are thrilled to present Screenings at 7.

Every day from Tuesday 7 to Friday 10 April at 7pm we will be premiering the short films produced by the 2019 Rose Youth Theatre film course and their course leaders, Samuel Clemens and Andrew Davidson.

These films were due to be screened at the Rose this year, however this was unfortunately cancelled as a result of the COVID-19 breakout.

As an alternative, we will hold a live premiere of the films each evening on YouTube which can be watched by everyone. We are so pleased that we can still celebrate the hard work of these talented young people.




I Can't - Tues 7 Apr, 7pm

Written & Directed by Andrew Davidson


Huxley is always anxious, and when his two best friends Carli and Leroy suggest going to a party on a school night, his imagination runs wild with all the ways it could go wrong. With the support of his friends he might just make it and he might have fun. What’s the worst that could happen?



The Battle - Wed 8 Apr, 7pm

Devised by The Cast & Directed by Samuel Clemens


Two rival gang leaders must do battle to win a date with the elusive Lisa Smoke. As both dance for their heart's desire who will Lisa crown the victor?



Never, Ever - Thu 9 Apr, 7pm

Written & Directed by Andrew Davidson


Never, Ever sees Ash and Baz break up. It explores the painful journey as they part and walk away from each other.



The Lost Girls - Fri 10 Apr, 7pm

Written & Directed by Samuel Clemens

Advisory warning - not suitable for young children



Teenager Neoma wakes to find a letter from her best friend Cassie, who has been missing/presumed dead for over a year. Will Neoma decide whether to alert her family or follow the letters clues to seek the ultimate truth?




Though we are showing these films for free, the only way for the Rose to offer these initiatives in such unprecedented times is through donations from the public. Together we can make sure that the #RoseEndures.

If you are able to make a donation, big or small, to help us carry on with our work, you can do so here


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