Welcome to Messina - A Hotel Like No Other

Wed 04 Apr

Looking for some summer sun? Want to get away from it all and indulge in Much Ado About Nothing? Then Messina Hotel is the place for you. 

This family-run, secluded, luxury hotel in the sun-drenched Sicilian countryside with full spa facilities is the perfect getaway. Enjoy a massage, a dip in the pool or even join in some of the special events on offer including the upcoming Masquerade Ball! Leonato and his family will take care of your every desire. Let us introduce you to the team…

Leonato - Hotel Manager

Sicilian local Leonato established the Messina Hotel many years ago to welcome locals and visitors alike. Nowadays, he lets Beatrice, his trusty Customer Experience Manager hold the fort, but will always serve extra special guests, such as local Mafia overlord Don Pedro, himself, to deliver that special personal touch.


Daughter to Leonato, Messina Hotel is the only home young Hero has ever known. Living far away from the city, Hero doesn’t have much opportunity to see the world beyond the hotel. Lucky then that she has her cousin Beatrice nearby to look out for her and keep her company, especially as Don Pedro and his entourage have just checked in, including his dashing protégé, the heart breaker Claudio

Beatrice - Customer Experience Manager

If there’s anything you need during your stay at Messina, whatever it may be, Beatrice will get it sorted for you. The no-nonsense Customer Experience Manager knows everything about Messina and is always willing to help a kind guest. However don’t hurt her or her best friend Hero. As her ex-boyfriend Benedick will testify - she isn’t the forgiving kind and doesn’t suffer fools lightly, especially with all these guns lying around…

Margaret - Beautician

Why not get your nails done with the beautiful Margaret? Or can she entice you with a massage after a night of partying? Feel-good Margaret will show you a good time. 

Borachio - Bartender

If you need a sensitive soul to listen to your woes, Borachio will pour you a drink and provide a welcome ear. He's a good man to know, working in prime position to hear all the gossip, or even make up some gossip himself...

Want to see who you will be sharing the facilities with? We’ll introduce you to Mafia overlord Don Pedro and his entourage very soon…

Much Ado About Nothing runs at the Rose from Fri 13 Apr - Sun 6 May. For more information on the production click here

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