Lockdown Films


During the first lockdown of 2020 Rose Youth Theatre moved the majority of our classes online for the summer term. During this unusual time a number of our students took part in a film project with film maker Sam Clemens. Each student was set the task of creating a 3-minute film using only their smart phones or cameras. The students took their short films from the storyboard stage through to filming and editing. They wrote, cast, directed, scored and edited their films from home with guidance from Sam over Zoom. We are so proud of what they created and are delighted to share the films with a wider audience. A huge thank you to Sam and to all the parents, siblings, friends, dogs and snails who took part in the films! 

Lucy Morrell, Director of Learning and Participation 


  1. Ben Howell, St Peter’s Gate - A man questions his faith after the loss of a loved one as he embarks on a journey to see them one last time.
  2. Edward Bartlett, Capture - A chase, where all is uncertain. What is the bigger picture?
  3. Ellen Wilson, Spirit - A teenager desperately tries her hand at necromancy, despite missing required tools. Tension builds between her and her doubtful sister.
  4. Tom Hardman, What We See - A teenager suffers from an eating disorder and is at a birthday party for his brother. Will he be able to eat the food while being watched and judges by the others?
  5. Joshua Fernandes, The Message - A teenage boy struggles to express his emotions. Will he find a way to adequately convey his sense of loss?
  6. Millie Koplick and Ophelie Terry, The Final Roll - Two teenage sisters struggle with the stock buying over lockdown. After finding themselves in a horrible situation of having no toilet roll! Do they find a way to help others and be less selfish?
  7. Nancy Burrows and Fintan Lewis, Vodoo for Dummies - When a mysterious clown receives hate comments on his social media, the distress causes him to seek revenge in a rather odd form of voodoo. This film will for sure send a shiver down your spine when you realise who the clown targets in order to satisfy his hatred……..the results may be catastrophic! Contains scenes that some viewers may find distressing.
  8. Chester Britland, Crossroads - In a society bruised by a virus one man must make the ultimate decision. University or Straight into work. What will he choose?
  9. Niamh Moynihan, The Birthday - It’s a Niamh’s 16th birthday. Through the course of the day she’s excitedly preparing for her birthday party with friends, but does it all go to plan?
  10. Kiera Shaw, The Fireplace - In every household there are at least 3 different individual body temperatures. In this household, one man struggles with the timeless argument around the thermostat.