• Rose Studio, 8.30pm
  • 8 July 2019
  • From (a)basement theatre collective

00:00 is a critically-acclaimed multimedia documentary theatre piece that sets out to liberate suppressed voices and perspectives, while discussing tough social issues in an objective, engaging, and thought-provoking way. Told through the perspective of four Network Rail employees and set on the railway tracks, this production is a high-speed journey beneath the façades we all wear; mental health, society, masculinity, and messy aftermaths in modern Britain.

From (a)basement theatre collective is a new independent theatre company based in Egham, Surrey. We are a diverse community of emerging theatre-makers who believe in giving underrepresented and undermined voices a place on stage.

Event Details

Age Recommendation: 13+
Running Time: 60 mins
Strong Language
Violent Imagery
Mentions of Suicide and Mental Health