First Time Features & Shorts 2

  • Clattern Lecture Hall, Kingston University
  • 25 June 2022, 10am
  • Screening

Manfish – (United Kingdom) – Feature Film directed by Marc Coleman:

Terry, a downtrodden loner, spends his days down on Canvey Island beachfront collecting seashells for his failing jewellery box business. However, his world is turned upside down one morning when a mysterious humanoid sea creature washes up on the shore. With the unsolicited help from his abusive girlfriend Tracy, they take action and do what any self-respecting Canvey islander would do - knock the creature unconscious, take it home and attempt to make big money off of it through Terrys low-level criminal brother Nigel. Though as Terry befriends the creature, word begins to spread around the island of its presence, raising the question of who the humanoid from the deep really is.What does it want? Why are so many dogs going missing around town and most importantly - who will get off of the island alive?


Snow for Water – (United Kingdom) – Short Film directed by Christopher Villiers:

The true story of two children who are sent by the father to collect and fill up the bath with snow during the siege of Sarajevo in the winter of 1994. The pair dodge sniper bullets and mortar bombs to fulfill the father's wishes.


Lighting Tests – (United Kingdom) – Short Film directed by Tom Nicoll:

Malky, a struggling actor, has agreed to help Tom, a director he used to know, with some lighting tests for his new project. He thinks that it’ll be a good opportunity to show the director what he’s capable of, but comes to suspect that maybe he’s just being exploited...


When I Was a Younger – (United Kingdom) – Documentary directed by Noella Mingo:

When I Was A Younger is a short documentary that features four women who moved to London after WWII. They left parents, siblings and friends behind when they travelled from Grenada, Jamaica, Sri Lanka and Manchester in the north of England. Now in their 70s, 80s and 90s, these women are almost invisible to a modern society that can’t envisage them as anything but old. But as the film shows, they once were young, vibrant and full of fun. In fact, these four women still have the same mischievous streak they did when they were youngers.


Sea Light – (Spain) - Short Film directed by John Doe:

An elder lighthouse keeper takes care of what has been his home for years. Old and secluded from society, he's disturbed by mysterious bottled letters. These and an unexpected malfunction make him doubt his job, his life and his existence.


Hi John – (United Kingdom) – Short Film directed by Jordan Pitt and Sinitta Monero:

Like clockwork, John takes the train home after a long day of business in his hometown of London. During his usual routine of checking voicemails, it's revealed that John's life is a chaotic mix of quick decisions and avoidance.   John juggles listening to messages while trying to shake the incessant calls from an unknown caller who is desperate for his attention.  He finally gives in and answers one of the calls, realising it's his wife Rita who he does not want to speak to and he cuts the call short. More calls come in and expecting Rita again it's instead his mistress Sasha. He takes a very different tone with her, but she too is giving him stress.    But her call is soon cut short by what seems to be an attack by an intruder.  John on high alert, rushes to her aid.  Upon entering her home, he stumbles upon her dead body and is now surprisingly face to face with an unexpected visitor - his wife Rita.