Hogarth's Progress (2018)

Thu 13 Sep - Sun 21 Oct


Hogarth's Boozy Britain

William Hogarth loved to explore London’s bawdy, boozy side in his works, particularly seen in Gin Lane and Beer Street. You can read more about Hogarth's depiction of vice and virtue by reading the full article here

Secret Knowledge - Hogarth: One Man and His Pug

Catch Hogarth fanatic Lars Tharp's investigation to recover a rare piece of long-lost William Hogarth memorabilia - a precious terracotta sculpture of the artist's beloved pet pug. Click here to watch the programme on BBC iPlayer. 

'There's a myth about me but I don't actually drink very much' - Telegraph Interview with Keith Allen

Click here to read about how Keith Allen gets into character as William Hogarth. 

Keith Allen Interview on Lorraine

Click here to go to ITV player to see the interview, 24 minutes into the programme. 

Keith Allen on BBC Radio 2: Steve Wright in the Afternoon

Click here to listen from 1 hour 44 minutes in.

'I’m in love with corrugated iron chapels and churches' Keith Allen chats to New Statesman

Click here to read. 

Love London Love Culture: Interview with... Ben Deery

Click here to read. 

5 Thing to do with Ian Hallard

Click here to read the interview. 

'Why I have always loved the angry Hogarth' Nick Dear chats to The Times

Click here to read.

Flawed, difficult and desperate for a better world: Why Hogarth still has something to say to us today Nick Dear chats to The Telegraph

Click here to read.

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