Jazz at the Rose

  • 18 October 2017 - 7 November 2016
  • Free jazz events in our cafe & restaurant


Upcoming Jazz at the Rose events

Café  1.15-2pm -  Free

Tue 7 Nov

Jazz at the Rose - The XPQ (Xenopoulos/Price Quartet)
Jazz First Tuesday lunchtime sessions with the exciting XPO (Xenopoulos/Price Quartet).  For almost a decade, Nigel Price and Vasilis Xenopoulos have established a strong musical partnership through their shared stylistic and artistic connections.
Their new album “Sidekicks” is a compilation of jazz standards, where each  pays homage to some of the greatest guitar/saxophone collaborations in the history of Jazz such as Jim Hall/Sonny Rollins, Wes Montgomery/Johnny Griffin, Kenny Burrell/Stanley Turrentine, Stan Getz/Charlie Byrd and from the UK jazz scene Dave Cliff/Geoff Simkins and the legendary Morrissey/Mullen.  The line up for Jazz First Tuesday will be Vasilis Xenopoulos Tenor Saxophone, Nigel Price Guitar, Simon Thorpe Bass and Steve Brown Drums.
This performance is guaranteed to be energetic and exciting and not to be missed.

7 Nov –Vasilis Xenopoulos
6 Feb – The Meredith White Trio
6 Mar (tbc)
3 Apr – Terence Collie
1 May – Dave Jones’ Affinity


Variety Cafe is a series of FREE lunchtime concerts supported by Kingston University. Held at the Rose Café the programme offers an exciting mixture of emerging artists and alumni of Kingston University's music department.

Wed 18 Oct

Variety Cafe - Geert Rigters
Variety Café launches the new series with recent Kingston University alumnus Geert Rigters accompanied by Master’s student and accomplished pianist Sergey Lunev.  Geert will be singing an array of recognisable musical theatre songs that will brighten you lunchtime and leave you humming a tune all day.

Upcoming Variety Cafe events

Café 1.15-2pm -  Free

18 Oct
24 Jan
21 Feb
14 Mar
18 Apr