Last Call + Q&A

  • Rose Studio, 9pm
  • 19 October 2019, 9pm

'Absolutely incredible. Even the soundtrack was composed in a single take. One of the most amazing pieces of filmmaking I've ever seen. I can't even comprehend how it was done' - Judge's Comments

A taut edge-of-your-seat drama, Last Call is also a bravura technical achievement, with two full length feature films, shot in two true single takes, filmed simultaneously in different parts of a city. Last Call is a real time feature presented in a split screen showcasing both ends of a phone call when a suicidal alcholic dials a wrong number. We promise you've never seen anything quite like this and may never see anything like it again.

The film's leading actor and co-writer will be introducing the film and providing a Q&A. We have questions, so we're sure you will!

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Please note that films have not yet been rated by the BBFC.  The licensing authority has requested that unclassified films are rated as 18, to ensure compliance with the Licensing Act 2003.  This is not representative of the films' content, which our industry judging panel has rated as a 15. Unfortunately, under 18s cannot be admitted to this screening.