Lunchtime Shorts 2: The Return

  • Odeon IMAX, Kingston
  • 18 October 2019, 1.15pm

A second helping of some of the festival's best quirky comedy shorts squeezed into a short programme giving just enough time to enjoy during your lunch break!

'Really funny twist on a familiar theme, with an edge-of-your-seat will they won't they rollercoaster.' - Judge's Comments

DETONATE Three friends with Arabic roots accidentally come into possession of a bomb. Nobody knows where it came from, but they have to get rid of it because they know no one will believe their story!

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'Simple. Authentic. Understated. And a lovely twist.' - Judge's Comments

THE DISHWASHER A Mexican dishwasher working for a celebrity chef is tasked with hunting down the perfect tortilla!



'So funny and so gruesome' - Judge's Comments

WILD LOVE While on a romantic camping getaway, Alan and Beverly make the mistake of arousing the anger of some deranged prairie dogs in this twisted animation!


Please note that films have not yet been rated by the BBFC. The licensing authority has requested that unclassified films are rated as 18, to ensure compliance with the Licensing Act 2003. This is not representative of the films' content, which our industry judging panel has rated as a 15. Unfortunately, under 18s cannot be admitted to this screening.