Much Ado About Love: John Link

  • 16 September 2015 - 21 November 2015

The Rose Theatre is delighted to present this solo exhibition of John Link’s paintings, Much Ado About Love, in our front of house exhibition spaces.

John Link is a former theatre director and self-taught painter who began painting full time in 2004. He produces work from his studio in Brighton where he relocated from Kingston and has a fast growing reputation both in the UK and abroad for his contemporary interpretations of Shakespeare's characters.

John Link has been endlessly fascinated and inspired by Shakespeare’s remarkable plays. Whilst not attempting to document any particular performance or production, a lifetime of working with the plays has given him a unique insight inherent in his work. Link seeks to capture Shakespeare’s unique understanding of human nature as well as weaving a sense of story into each painting to show how his characters so often find themselves confronting the dilemma of love, disharmony of discovery and the possibility of redemption.

All works presented in the exhibition are for sale. For more information on John Link and his work, please click here. 

‘I have been a fan of John Link’s work from the moment I first saw it. The portraits are bright and colourful, which I love. You know immediately which character is being portrayed, and you know there is a story there somewhere. I would fill my house with these paintings if I had the room!’

– Judi Dench