Music for Don Carlos

  • Rose Gallery
  • 10 November 2018, 6pm

William Summers (Flute) and Taro Takeuchi (Guitar, Vihuela) will mark the performance of Schiller's Don Carlos with music by the playwright's favourite composer, Schubert, and his contemporaries Giuliani and Diabelli. Plus, hear music written at the time of the play's setting by Milan and Narvaez.

William is a local musician who regularly runs concerts in historic venues. Taro specialises in historic guitars and lutes and plays frequently in Japan and continental Europe as well as all around Britain. 


Event Details

Taro will play a Vihuela by Klaus Jacobsen, 16th century Spanish model, London, 1990; Guitar by George Stauffer, Vienna, c. 1820 (Schubert and Diabelli also played the guitar by this maker).
William will play a flute by Rudolf Tutz after Heinrich Grenser from a model of 1810.