NWF: Playwriting Workshop (12-15)

  • Rose Gallery, 5pm
  • 13 September 2019, 5pm

Are you a budding playwright? Or have you never put pen to paper but would love to know more? Whichever it is, this workshop is for you.

Rose Theatre Kingston are providing the opportunity to attend a free workshop on playwriting and dramaturgy, run in partnership with RoughHewn. RoughHewn read thousands of scripts for some of the UK's most prestigious theatres and playwriting prizes, and draw on their work to support writer in shaping, focusing and developing plays.

This workshop is open to participants ages 12 to 15. Whether you would just like to know more about writing or you are a budding playwright, this workshop is open to you!

To book, please call the Box Office on 020 8174 0090.

Event Details

Running Time: Approx. 2hrs