Out Of The Dark

  • Rose Studio
  • 30 October 2019 - 2 November 2019

There's the space that's all around us - enclosing the Earth, full of galaxies, moonbeams and meteors, planets and probably other life forms. And then there's the space inside Lily's head. Where the matter simply stopped forming.

Lily. He. She. A fledgling family.

A family who are suddenly faced with the unexpected, when, at 6 months, Lily is diagnosed with a rare neurological condition with potentially life-changing consequences.

Suzy Gill's debut play, told in spoken word poetry, is a lyrical, honest and tender exploration of their family life as they begin tentatively to orbit the struggles and triumphs that come following the discovery that Lily's brain did not quite form the way that He and She anticipated.

Out of the Dark is directed by Fay Lomas, winner of the inaugural Peter Hall Emerging Artist Fellowship.


Event Details

Relaxed Performance: Sat 2 Nov @ 3pm
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About the Fellowship

To commemorate the exceptional legacy of its founding artistic director, Sir Peter Hall, the Rose launched the Peter Hall Emerging Artist Fellowship (PHEAF) - an expression of the theatre's commitment both to being a distinctive producing house and a developer of theatre talent.

Inaugural winner and chosen fellow, Fay Lomas, has worked with a number of theatre practitioners throughout her year-long residency. This will now conclude with Out of the Dark, the culmination of her work as winner of the fellowship.

Sir Peter Hall (1930-2017) was a pioneering and influential director and producer. He had a keen eye for developing talent in all areas of the theatre and was endlessly generous and supportive to emerging artists forging their own careers.

Our exciting new initiative enables promising emerging theatre artists to be supported in their professional development through a residency at the Rose, where they receive mentoring from world-class professionals and ultimately stage and direct their own production in the Rose Studio.

The Peter Hall Emerging Artist Fellowship was made possible by generous support from Kingston University, those who donated at the memorial service for Peter Hall at Westminster Abbey, and those who wish to remain anonymous