Story Storks presents: The Three Little Pigs

  • Roundabout Tent - Memorial Gardens
  • 21 July 2022

The Three Little Pigs tells the traditional tale of Piggy Straw, Piggy Sticks and Piggy Bricks in their battles against the big bad wolf.

We join our three pigs as they embark on their adventures, building houses and running away from the big bad wolf.  But they can't run forever, and no one is coming to save them.  With a lot of cunning and a bit of bee-lief, might they be able to save themselves?

Full of singing, dancing, counting, phonics and madcap fun, this interactive storytelling show will have little ones entranced, grown-ups in stitches and big bad wolves everywhere running for the hills!


Event details

Running time: 45 - 50mins