Story Storks Workshop - The Princess and the Pea

  • David Jacobs Room
  • 26 October 2021, 10am and 11am

Story Storks is super excited to be returning to the Rose Theatre for a spooky cutey Halloween version of The Princess and the Pea.

Long before the night of the storm, the Prince rode out to try and find himself a bride. Problem was, they kept trying to eat him! So that night, where there was a knock at the door and a girl claimed to be a Princess he wasn't as thrilled as you'd expect. But she looks normal? Is she?! Full of fun, music, song, rhyme, crazy characters, secret phonics and sneaky maths, these workshops are made to fire up a child's imagination whilst helping to get them ready for reading. 

To make sure these workshops are COVID secure there are fewer places than normal to maintain social distancing. We'll still be up and down, but all action will take place on the spot. You'll need to wear your mask whilst you're moving but once on your spot and sitting you can remove it. 

Grown-ups are encouraged not to sing (!) though you don't get out of the dancing. And wear plenty of layers because the windows will be open for ventilation. 

Workshops are £7.50 per child, and you need to book a place per child. Babes in arms are welcome and come free of charge.

Workshop times: 10am (sold out!) and 11am
Running time: 40 mins


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