Stranger Than Fiction + Q&A

  • Odeon IMAX, Kingston
  • 18 October 2019, 2.30pm

A selection of incredible, life-affirming true stories with one common bond: they all celebrate the incredible quiet power of human resolve.

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'For a one minute film this packs a significant emotional punch.' - Judge's Comments

A SCRIBBLED MEMORY Via a real local radio interview - shown completely in animation - a man tells a harrowing story from his childhood.


'Simply wonderful and inspiring' - Judge's Comments

INGA Through her memoirs, Inga reflects about love, old age and death. This intimate and short portrait is a simple and affecting story of life.



'Beautiful, engaging and just so wonderfully, overwhelmingly hopeful' - Judge's Comments

THE BLACK MAMBA'S ANTI POACHING UNIT Constantly plagued by rhino poachers, The Greater Kruger National Park is home to the largest population of rhino in South Africa. The Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit, an almost entirely female team and the first of its kind in the world, believes the war on poaching will not be won with guns and bullets, but through local communities and education.



'I LOVE THIS. Beautifully made and very moving - it made me sad and angry and proud and thoughtful = everything a film should be.' - Judge's Comments

THE QUIET REBEL + Q&A The Quiet Rebel tells the story of unassuming artist Casey Jenkins, the outraged online public reaction to her controversial art installation and her way of coping with the unheralded media storm and social media bullying that brings the public to question their own beliefs - which is exactly what good art can do.

The film's award-winning director Carole Cassier will be attending the screening and giving a Q&A at the end of her documentary to answer audience questions on this incredible work.


Please note that films have not yet been rated by the BBFC. The licensing authority has requested that unclassified films are rated as 18, to ensure compliance with the Licensing Act 2003. This is not representative of the films' content, which our industry judging panel has rated as a PG. Unfortunately, under 18s cannot be admitted to this screening.