• Arthur Cotterell Theatre - Main House, 7.30pm
  • 7 July 2019
  • Dragon Drama

Blackout investigates darkness, memory loss and the mistrust of one’s own thoughts.

Presenting two psychodramas both with the same title, these devised shows offer different takes on the same theme. Younger Dragons  (12-14yrs) take Blackout to a fantasy setting, where a man’s personality is shattered into multiple fragments. Disappearing down the  rabbit hole of his own mind, he trusts nobody. Except the Tea Lady.

The Older Dragons (14-18yrs) present a contemporary tale of a party gone wrong, a group of friends who barely remember anything, and the cold reality of a girl having gone missing. Everyone has a reason to feel guilty for Sarah’s disappearance. But what actually happened?

Founded in 1993, Dragon Drama is an improvisation theatre company for children and young adults based in Teddington. Dragon Drama uses storytelling and accessible, fun improvisation to create a space for children to connect with their imagination.

Event Details

Age Recommendation: 12+
Running Time: 90 mins