Features & Shorts 1

  • Odeon
  • 24 June 2022, 7pm
  • Screening

The Ballad of Billy McCrae – (United Kingdom) – Feature Film directed by Chris Crow:

A Welsh film noir. Chris Blythe returns to Wales after many years away, having made and lost a fortune. He has to start at the bottom again, working in a quarry owned by the ferocious Billy McCrae. Then Chris falls in love with Billy's daughter Elen.


Pass – (Iran) – Student Short directed by Elika Abdollahi:

A fascinating social issue drama centred around a poor woman who learns that not everyone is trustworthy.


Hunting Bears – (United Kingdom) – Short Film directed by Jason Ruddy:

Kenny and Andy are brothers. Kenny suffers from Alzheimer's and has been in Andy's care for the last couple of years. When Andy can no longer face the responsibility, a trip down memory lane seems to be the only answer to his problems.


Bright Like the Sun – (United Kingdom) – Documentary directed by Thida Nathalie:

Kaung Myat Htun (gong mee-at tuun) is a superhero that lives in stealth. A traditionally obedient Burmese boy coming from a family of tailors, he goes about his day, sharing the content of his electric mind and exploring ancient golden pagodas of which Myanmar is famous for, whilst gradually revealing that he is no ordinary human child.


You from the Future – (United Kingdom) – Short Film directed by Tim Bunn and Joseph Patrick:

Daniel and Mary are a twenty-something couple with their lives stuck on pause… that is until two very familiar-looking visitors from the future come to hit fast-forward.


Trick Shot – (United Kingdom) – Short Film directed by Christopher Deans:

Three rogue IRA volunteers plan to disrupt the impending Good Friday Agreement with a pool table packed with explosives ready to be shipped off to a pub, but nerves are tested and loyalties questioned when one of them attempts a reckless trick-shot.