Forget Me Dot

  • Rose Studio, 7pm
  • 7 July 2019
  • In The Quirks Theatre

Forget Me Dot, is a tragic comedy filled with loss, frustration and realisation. Jack, who shared a full life with his darling Dot, neglects himself after he loses Dot to dementia. Ending up in care himself, Jack spends his time grumbling about food and nosy women. Jack wants to escape, but is life back in the outside world really what he wants?

In the Quirks is an award-winning physical theatre company with a passion for story telling and creating memorable imagery on stage through live music, puppetry and larger than life characters.

IYAF Best of the Fest Winner 2018

Events Details

Age Recommendation: 16+
Running Time: 60 mins
Moderate Use of Sexualised Language & Swearing
Comedic Representation of Residential Care