Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

  • Main Auditorium, 7.30pm
  • 2 February 2020


BEETHOVEN Overture: Egmont
BRUCH Violin Concerto No.1
BRAHMS Hungarian Dance No. 6
BRAHMS Symphony No. 4

Harish Shankar Conductor
Sonoko Miriam Welde Violin

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) returns for an evening of astounding orchestral music. The heroics of Beethoven’s Romantic lead set the stage for some of the greatest orchestral works in the German tradition with a thrilling musical tale of nobility and intrigue. The Overture to Egmont opens with a sense of imperial grandeur in the brass and strings, which is countered by the more elegiac lyricism of the woodwind, creating an underlying tension that resolves into a triumphant finale.

The RPO is joined on stage by the inspiring soloist Sonoko Miriam Welde, who has been described as ‘effortless, fervent, natural, convincing and virtuosic’ (Klassekampen), performing Bruch’s Violin Concerto No.1. A hallmark of violin repertoire, this piece unleashes the full spectrum of the instrument in passages that bloom with sensitivity and colour. The heart-burstingly beautiful melodies of this work never fail to leave an impression, making it an enduring favourite of audiences worldwide.

The first half of the evening’s performance draws to a close with Brahms’s playful Hungarian Dance No. 6. Listen out for the native folk rhythms of Hungary that are woven into this energetic piece, which serve as an intriguing contrast to the second half of the concert, Brahms’ Symphony No.4. The opening movement draws from all sections of the Orchestra in a dramatic orchestration that pieces together the exhilarating and lyrical melody. In Brahms’ mastery of the symphonic form he departs from the Romantic tradition of a jubilant finale, instead conjuring a melancholy and reflective tone in the multiplying variations of the theme.