Thinkers, Makers, Dreamers - an MA Sustainable Design exhibition

  • Rose Café and Circle
  • 24 January 2022 - 30 March 2022
  • This is a free event

Thinkers, Makers, Dreamers is the graduate exhibition by Kingston University MA Sustainable Design students of 2019 - 2021. Originally shown during London Design Festival 2021, in collaboration with Camden Council's Camley Street engagement project, it is now reinstalled at The Rose Theatre.

The exhibition is a collaboration between the two most recent years of graduates, acting as a celebration and send-off as the world emerges from pandemonium. Hailing from a wide range of design disciplines and cultural backgrounds, the graduates are bound together by the pressing need to address global social and ecological crises. Projects span the spectrum from food security to fashion, stress to spirit, health to housing and everything in between.

Our Thinkers draw attention to the inadequacies of contemporary approaches to environmentalism, proposing more meaningful alternatives.

Our Makers offer tangible solutions to our material woes, ready to bring their ideas to life, making real change, right now.

Our Dreamers are concerned with long-term questions, keeping their heads in the clouds, but only to see far ahead towards a preferable future.

Which are you?