Creative Curiosity Trail

  • 13 July 2019 - 14 July 2019
  • This is a FREE event

Insect Circus Museum, Kingston Marketplace and points around Kingston Town Centre. Pick up a Trail map from the Market square. 

Join us on an arts adventure around Kingston!

The Creative Curiosity Trail will take you on an intriguing, inspirational journey through Kingston. Follow the map and encounter amazing artists at every turn.  

Begin your expedition at the Insect Circus Museum – a magnificent menagerie of the world’s greatest insect circus performers! From there, follow the Trail as it winds its way around town and discover so much more.

Take part in an interactive performance, try your hand at puppetry or learn some awesome dance moves – explore something new, learn about the arts and have a lot of fun along the way! 


Curiosity Trail Activity Schedule:

Story Storks interactive storytelling at Eden Walk

11am - Red Riding Hood
12.30pm - Goldilocks
2pm - Three Little Pigs
3pm - Babies - Three Little Pigs

11am - Goldilocks
12.30pm - The Three Little Pigs
2pm - Babies - Red Riding Hood
3pm - Red Riding Hood

Come join our storyteller for adventures in the deep dark wood. We walk with Red as she tackles the big bad wolf, eat porridge with Goldilocks and help the Three Little Pigs to build the best houses on the street. Join Story Storks, and let them transport your children into fairytales with their interactive storytelling, specially designed for children aged 12 weeks to 7 yrs (and a little bit for grown-ups too!).


Todos Teatro puppet making at Eagle Brewery Wharf (on the river)

Drop in between 11 - 4pm

If you've already enjoyed Todos Teatro's show Turtle's Don't Like Plastic, this workshop will complement the world and themes of the piece. If you haven't, don't worry! This fun workshop is a perfect stand-alone experience. In this immersive craft and drama workshop, children will use materials to make their own sea creature puppet and learn how to bring it to life.

As a group they’ll use their puppets to create a magical underwater scene- with energetic games with lots of movement, that will spark their imagination and creativity.

Catch their show on Saturday 6 July at 10.30am or 2pm. 


Tie Dye at Charter Quay

Drop in between 11am - 4pm

Tie Dye is a chance for you to come and experience a workshop in a wonderful world of Tie Dye. Come and learn how to mix amazing colours and patterns onto a bandanna, that will really set you up with a festival look.


Insect Circus at Kingston's Ancient Marketplace

Come and explore between 11am - 4pm

Housed in a vintage, mahogany lined, Bedford TK beetlebox lorry, this unique displays a stunning array of costumes, props, puppets, toys and ephemera from the extraordinary collection of the Insect Circus Society. Spanning more than three centuries, and covering many continents, this is undeniably the finest museum of its kind in the world.