Eadweard Muybridge Prize Films & Student Shorts

  • Rose Studio
  • 25 June 2022, 10:30am
  • Screening

Reparation – (United Kingdom) – Experimental Film directed by Jason Verney:

Two semi-studious students living in 'Korea-Town' are interrupted & intrigued by the actions of a girl in a nearby building, witnessed via CCTV, whilst each trying to come to terms with important subjects in their university projects [one Korean related: the Sewol ferry tragedy, and one British: the Grenfell tower incident], as well as their own life challenges in this claustrophobic tragicomedy of alienation, helping hands & secretive students. Is all really what it seems?


Choices - Dodge the Knife in Life – (United Kingdom) – Short Film directed by Marcus Vallinari and Laki Pattapola:

Teenage best friends Dylan and Alex begin to grow apart as they face differing paths in life; Alex towards achievement and a better future, and Dylan towards trouble making and bad behaviour, but, after a series of bad choices land Dylan in hot water, it is up to Alex to decide Dylan's ultimate fate.


Noro – (United Kingdom) – Short Film directed by Duncan Roe:

Caitlin is having therapy to cope with the loss of her son but is becoming increasingly more paranoid about those around her. A simple accident leads her to a truth that nothing can prepare her for.


Ghosted – (United Kingdom) – Short Film directed by Duncan Roe:

Ghosted is a mockumentary comedy about a woman who turns to the world of the paranormal after losing her husband.


You Are a Good Kid – (United Kingdom) – Student Short Film directed by Bhavishay Kher:

Sam (Sam Law) is dealing with the loss of his father (Abel) and the film is based one year after his father's death. The film revolves around the human emotions of acceptance and grief that Sam feels while he goes on with his daily life.


Secrets of Interior Design – (United Kingdom) – Short Film directed by Lauren Baino:

Clarence soon realises that his first day at a new job might be his last.


Becomes Marmalade – (United Kingdom) – Student Short Film directed by Seb Hind:

A solitary woman, confined to her grand yet empty apartment, who relishes her morning responsibility of taste-testing a new jar of marmalade, encounters a sinister stranger who seems to be causing her body to suddenly and drastically transform.


Shadow – (United Kingdom) – Student Short Film directed by Natapong William Collins:

After the passing of her young boy, Emily (Danielle Ronald) is left lost and grieving. However when a shadowed figure threatens to destroy everything she has left she has no choice but to fight.


Viewpoint – (Islamic Republic of Iran) – Experimental Student Short directed by Mohsen Mohammadi:

A young unmarried couple go on a date and get carried away by a neon sign, and a challenge that gets heated.


Desolation – (United Arab Emirates) - Student Short Film directed by Tom Clancy and Zaid Sater:

Two strangers find themselves lost within their own isolation amidst a global pandemic.


The Hidden Kiss – (United Kingdom) – Short Film directed by Rosy Hunt:

The Hidden Kiss is an independent short film about class divide, love and jealousy in it's technicolour of forms. Freshly drawing on J.M.Barrie's Peter Pan characters as wild individuals within today's society; granting them a fresh relatable truth.