• Rose Gallery
  • 21 June 2019

11:45am: this performance is specifically devised for patrons with PMLD

1:30pm: this performance is specifically recommended to children aged 1-4 years


"What was it like in mummy's tummy?" Have you ever heard this question? Or tried to answer? We did and the result is 'Inside'.

Join us on an immersive journey from conception to birth and share a very special experience with you. ‘Inside’ is an intimate, interactive show, specifically devised for 1 – 4 year olds, and patrons with PMLD alongside their families and friends.  
Set in a campsite and inspired by life inside the womb, it features multi-sensory activities, shadow theatre, live sound- making and object theatre. How is it inside? How do the inside and the outside talk to each other? How much sound and light comes in? How do we meet? 

It is supported by the Arts Council England, Kent County Council, Canterbury City Council, Looping the Loop, The Quarterhouse, The Hullabaloo, The Gulbenkian and Baby Sensory Thanet.