People's Choice Awards

  • Rose Studio, 6.30pm
  • 18 October 2019, 6.30pm

Six short films selected by local people as the creme de la creme of this year's submissions, offering a taste of what can be expected at SEIFF 2019. Some of the most exceptional films from around the world, these have been short-listed from hundreds of submissions from over 50 countries. (Join us at the red carpet awards ceremony on Sunday 20 October to see which of these incredible filmmakers walks away with the People's Choice Award).

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'Just perfect' - Judge's Comments


WAVE Jarvis Cocker narrates a feel-good Irish comedy from Oscar-winner Benjamin Cleary about a man who wakes from a coma speaking a fully formed but completely unrecognisable language; making him an unlikely global celebrity.


'Brilliant, new, fresh and funny and so sweet' - Judge's Comments


CAREER DAY For most young girls, joining their dad on a typical day at work isn't usually this much fun; but then again most fathers aren't hitmen.

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'Simply stunning' - Judge's Comments


LA NORIA This beautiful Oscar qualifying animation follows a lonely and creative boy beset by strange creatures that haunt him at night.


'Like Gregory's Girl but funnier and more profound' - Judge's Comments


A KISS A touching, light-hearted coming-of-age adventure from Oscar-nominated director Nima Moghagheh about three young friends who come together in a Dutch asylum shelter - only this year they're old enough to attend their first summer disco.

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'Absolutely fantastic. Wonderful, wonderful storytelling.' - Judge's Comments


THE DRIVER IS RED A smart, innovative, edge-of-your-seat Oscar shortlisted documentary that tells the true story of a secret agent hot on the heels of a Nazi war criminal.



'Deliciously dark and full of surprises' - Judge's Comments


BAGHEAD In this wickedly sharp dark comedy, Kevin has questions that only the recently deceased can answer. His search takes him to the most unremarkable of locations, a grotty storage room at the back of a rundown pub where he needs help communing with the love of his life. However, what he finds there is anything but remarkable.


Please note that films have not yet been rated by the BBFC. The licensing authority has requested that unclassified films are rated as 18, to ensure compliance with the Licensing Act 2003. This is not representative of the films' content, which our industry judging panel has rated as 15. Unfortunately, under 18s cannot be admitted to this screening.