The Book Of Thel

  • Rose Studio, 7pm
  • 8 July 2019
  • Kingston School of Art Performing Arts Community Engagement (PACE)

The Book of Thel is a new musical adaptation of William Blake’s prophetic poem, originally written in 1788. The production features an epic mix of music, singing, dance, acting, puppets, physical theatre and projections. It is both a visual and metaphorical journey through contrasting themes of innocence, experience, isolation, contact, progress, environment, collaboration and fear. What type of courage does it take for a person or a community to reach out beyond what is comfortable and safe? Is Blake’s ‘green and pleasant land’ a place, a state of mind or both?

The PACE programme at Kingston University offers an inclusive platform on which students, staff, alumni and members of the local community come together through the performing arts. This production is being made in collaboration with Kingston based Three Bridges Theatre, Teatro Elio Centrico and La MaMa Umbria International.

Event Details

Age Recommendation: 8+
Running Time: 60 mins