First Time Features & Student Shorts 1

  • Clattern Lecture Hall, Kingston University
  • 24 June 2022, 5:30pm
  • Screening

Yonlu – (Brazil) – Feature Film directed by Hique Montanari:

Yonlu is a fiction film based on the real story of a 16 year-old boy who, aided by the internet, won over the world with his talent for music and art. Fluent in five languages, Yonlu had a network of virtual friends on all continents. However, no one suspected he was also taking part in a forum for potential suicides.


Sledge – (Uzbekistan) – Student Short film directed by Suxrob Qodirov:

The screenplay for the short film Sledge is based on the motif of the story of the same name by François Moro. The film tells the story of the children of a poor family living in one of the villages at the foot of the mountain and the good they do. Brothers Zokir and Botir visit an old man and bring him back to life, using a sledge they have bought.


Come Sit With Us – (United Kingdom) - Student Short Film directed by Nicholas Holmes:

A young man named Micah is walking through a forest when he finds something very strange.


They Can't. So I Must – (Canada) – Student Short Film directed by Dara Eshaghian:

A dramatic revealing documentary that spotlights anti-black racism in Canada. It traces the journey of a Black Canadian professional athlete who experiences the rise of an exciting career and the crash that follows when police abuse leaves him critically injured. Inevitably, the story connects the power of forgiveness in over-coming life-altering trauma.  The film sheds light that anti-black police brutality is not unique to the United States; it happens in Canada as well. Too often Canadians are skeptical around claims of mistreatment of minorities in our country. By sharing Orlando's story, Canadians are confronted with the reality of racism and our inability to achknowledge it.


Ring – (China) - Student Short Film directed by Haoyu Zhang

The story of a young man being persuaded to break up on the day of his proposal by his dead wife who came back from the future.


Breach – (United Kingdom) - Student Short Film directed by Damien Eoin Fowler:

Two robbers are in the middle of a routine job when the owners arrive back at home in the midst of a domestic.