Short Films including Under 18s

  • Rose Studio
  • 25 June 2022, 4pm
  • Screening

Kingston Upon Thames – (United Kingdom) – Documentary directed by Luke Whatley-Bigg:

This film is a documentary about Kingston Upon Thames that showcases its iconic landmarks.


Change Direction – (United Kingdom) – Short Film directed by Greta Rafi McMillan:

On a journey to school, Greta changes direction.  A short film about the climate emergency and taking responsibility.


Experience – (United Kingdom) – Student Short Film directed by Jessica Rooke:

An exploration of hometown heartbreak- do our experiences ever truly leave us?


How to Escape the Illusion of Reality – (United Kingdom) – Documentary directed by Harjaap Singh:

A short documentary from the lens of a young teenager facing the low points of 2021 through understanding stoic philosophy, visual illusions, human perception and how it can differ from "reality".   Made using existing resources/diy gear.


Out of Touch – (United Kingdom) – Short Film directed by Mohamad Fakhouri:

A monologue following a young person lost in their depression.


An Unknown Reality – (United Kingdom) – Student Short Film directed by Pedro Pucheu Lima Peralta:

A boy who has previously struggled with hallucinations, now believes that this new thing/being that he is experiencing is real and harmful to himself and others.


Light Hearted – (United Kingdom) – Student Short Film directed by Dylan Scott:

Callum is a teenager with a life-threatening heart disease which prevents him from leaving the house.


Bugged – (United Kingdom) - Short Film directed by Will Akbar:

A reclusive computer programmer is offered the opportunity of a lifetime, but when his apartment becomes infested with insects he struggles with a disturbing and familiar dread, one that is escalating and threatens to derail his pursuit.


Flat One Five Zero – (United Kingdom) U18 Film directed by Mahfuj Sheikh

Witness the lives of a family inside Grenfell Tower the day of the tragic fire.


Insomnia - (United Kingdom) - U18 Short Film directed by Benjamin Mullan:

A series of random thoughts which go through your head when you are trying to get to sleep.


Photo Booth – (United Kingdom) - Short Film directed by Roxy Rezvany:

A romantic comedy drama about an immigrant couple in 1970s London, and their relationship navigating both Britain’s immigration laws and each other.