Wac Arts Digital Orchestra

  • Rose Gallery
  • 12 July 2019

Wac Arts Digital Orchestra invites the public to join in with our musicians to create their own anthems during a 60-minute inclusive participatory show. The digital orchestra uses accessible and fun assistive technology suitable for seasoned musicians and unsuspecting passers-by alike. The young people will be performing original beats and facilitating the audience in co-creating the live music.  

Wac Arts Digital Orchestra has been touring outdoor and youth venues such as Parallel and Liberty Arts Festival and has received excellent audience reviews. Wac Arts is a charity that has been driven by the needs of young people and the community for over 40 years lifting generation after generation of young people, empowering them with the life skills that only the arts can offer.

Wac Arts offers fully inclusive programmes that celebrate diversity and supports young people to change their worlds through the arts. 

Event Details

Age Recommendation: 5+