An Evening of Shorts

  • 17 October 2021

Announcing the 1st Kingston International Film Festival, Rose Theatre in association with Blue Elephant Films presents an evening of award-winning short films followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers and the festival organisers.  Currently programmed are:




UK 2020: 11 mins

Directed by Simon Ross
Written by David Cunningham
Produced by David Cunningham and Stephen Cranny
Featuring Jamie BamberDavid Yelland and Kerry Norton

Successful businessman and golden boy, Jack Wells, is unscrupulous, immoral and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Along the way he has made many enemies – and today they’re out for revenge! 





UK 2019: 16 mins

Directed by Christopher Haydon
Produced by Alexandra Blue
Written by Iona Firouzabadi

Featuring Shannon Tarbet, Leah Harvey and Anastasia Hille

Martha is a story about a teenage girl who awakes to find she is the last person left on earth. At the film’s heart is the very human experience of love, loss and growing up.





Canada 2019: 12.30

Directed, written, and produced by Katia Shannon
Co-produced by Gareth Brown
Featuring Victoria Diamond 

On the cusp of starting a new life with her boyfriend, Amanda is driving with her goldfish to their new home. Excitement turns to panic. As her body comes to a standstill, Amanda must expose her deepest vulnerabilities in order to survive while seemingly no-one is willing to help.






Australia 2020: 2.53

Directed by Pete Majarich
Featuring Naomi Sequeira, Robyn Quintard and Georgie Glen

A young woman recounts a visit by a mysterious entity. 






Argentina 2019: 2.06

Written, Directed and Animated by Agustin Soraire

A whole life, told only by hands.






UK 2019: 15.00

Directed by Alice Seabright
Produced by Alexandra Blue & Kate Phibbs
Written by Elaine Gracie
Supported by Pia Pressure, Kickstarter, NFTS
Featuring Adil Akram, Chike Chan, Sophia Di Martino and Bart Edwards

Jaq wants to have sex. But her Endometriosis is out to sabotage her: with chronic pain and unpredictable bleeding - right at the very worst time.





Career Path

Russia 2020: 1.24

Directed by Alisa Tritenko
Featuring Olga Kotilevskaya, Samantha Russell, Anna Kornilova

In a long dark hallway divided into sections by doors, some walk through with ease, and for others, it’s more of a challenge.





Mr. Virus versus The Internet

UK 2020: 1.45

Directed, animated and narrated by Oliver (who is 11 years old)

The internet is brought to life in clay! This film shows how much children enjoy playing games, messaging each other and shopping but can they avoid Mr Virus’ attempts to spoil their day? Knowing about safety is the best way to be safe and Oliver thinks animation is the best way to demonstrate this.





The Final Roll

UK 2020: 2.44

Directed, edited and featuring 14 year old Millie Koplick and Ophelie Terry

Two teenage sisters struggle with the stock buying over lockdown. After finding themselves in a horrible situation of having no toilet roll! Do they find a way to help others and be less selfish?




Event Details

Running Time: 75 mins, interval TBC
Age Guidance: 15+

The Rose is proud to be 'See it Safely' approved.