F10 - Age Group Winner / Against the Loch

  • Rose Main Auditorium
  • 25 June 2023, 12:30pm

Age Group Winner
Directed by Lex Helgerson

In 1980 Jay Helgerson shocked the world by becoming the first person to run a marathon a week for a year, each race completed in under three hours. From 2015-2020, his daughter, filmmaker Lex Helgerson, follows him with a camera in order to attempt intimacy with the man who raised her. What she gets are his projected anxieties and his struggles with physical age and emotional distress, all while he trains for the Boston Marathon.


Against the Loch
Directed by Chris Nicholas

Ross Edgley, the record-breaking adventurer, embarks on his most treacherous challenge to date, braving Britain's deadliest loch in a grueling 72-hour swim with no sleep, rest, or land in sight. With a staggering 200-kilometer stretch ahead of him, Ross sets out to conquer the world's longest continuous swim, pushing his physical and mental limits to their breaking point.