F11 - Tribute to David Warner (1941 – 2022)

  • Rose Main Auditorium
  • 25 June 2023, 5pm
  • Screening: Morgan - A Suitable Case for Treatment

Presented by Lisa Bowerman, Trustee and Chair of the House Committee of Denville Hall and David’s partner for 16 years

Morgan... directed by Karel Reisz is a downright amazing, unjustly forgotten, black comedy, starring David Warner as Morgan Delt, an emotionally immature young long-haired cockney lout obsessed with apes, who is determined to win back his ex-wife Leonie played by Vanessa Redgrave in her film debut. He devises manic schemes for scaring off Leonie’s posh new art dealer fiancé Charles (Robert Stephens) including threatening him with various weapons and abducting her to a remote lake in Wales.”


In aid of Denville Hall - a residential home for all members of the entertainment profession.