F5 - The Extra's Journey & Wrestling with Cancer

  • Rose Studio
  • 24 June 2023, 12:30pm

The Extra’s Journey
Directed by Hsin-Yu WU

Would you still be willing to pursue a dream no one believes you can achieve? This documentary follows three Taiwanese extra actors of different genders, generations, and backgrounds. For them, family support is both a strength and a hindrance. As they navigate the industry’s challenges, they must strike a balance between their ideals and the realities of the industry. 


Wrestling with Cancer (Starts at 2.15 pm)
Directed by Adil Malik and Saif Babur

A young upcoming professional wrestler from East London, Adil Malik struggles with his battle with cancer in and out the ring. He talks with other cancer survivors, friends and family and NHS professionals. 
Will he be able to get back in the ring and pin cancer for the 3rd count?